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June 2017
This is about me, "Andry Fixa", from my friends. What is my friends thinking about me for the first time until now.
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Andry Fixa, or Andre as his homies call him, is a nice person who really knows the meaning of friendships and brotherhood. Calm; never want to interfere to somebody else’s business, not talking too much but very caring to his buddies and families. Once you know him, and become his friend, you will have nothing to regret and complained about it.

He is also one of the smartest people that I know. A genius programmer with a creative brain, and a professional worker, are some of his unique combination personalities. He is one of a very rare people who can separate the professional business with friendship. Even though in professional work he have a problem with his friends, but those problems never border him to keep nice with his friends and homies.

Well, if I have to describing all about Andre, this page will be not enough, but there is only one thing that I always remember about him, he is one of the best friend that I got in this life, and I hope he will be still be my friend in the next life.

May God bless you always, Andre…..and good luck always on whatever you do in your life…

March 15, 2007 - Bali

"Cici" Lestari

I met him in Bali.
First time I saw him, he was so sleepy that time
I understand it was very late at night that he waited me at the airport
Not much talking that night........
BUT ....
In the next day and after I found him......
He's kind a very, very nice guy, funny and smart
You're a good friend Andry !!!!

March 17, 2007 - Jakarta
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