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This page shows not you about my love story, but this is about me and my GOD
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Repent and forswear

Do you know lepra? (Hansen's disease)?
There is 3 steps when you get lepra:
1. You will have uncomfortable in your body
2. You will have pain in all of your body
3. You will not have pain

Same with us, when we have a small sin, we feel uncomfortable for the first time, but sometimes we didn't "regret" the sin. We ignore the sin until we make a BIG BIG sin. After that, we still ignoring the sin, until we didn't realize that we already make a sin because too often doing that sin.

So, do you wanna let the sin? and didn't heal that? until what time?
Realized now and get a new born.
Repent and forswear.

Posted: March 29, 2007

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