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June 2017
This is my biography...., Andry Fixa Purba (Dede) biography, what else...
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My Name is Andry Fixa Purba (Dede). Purba indicates that I am from sumatera (East Sumatera), Simalungun. Why “Fixa” ? because my mother and father already have a woman (my sister) and me (man), but I have another little sister and little brother. So, my parent have 4 childs.

My Father's name is Djaendar Muda Purba (already passed away) since I was in Junior High School and that’s why I am leaving from Medan, North Sumatera, going to Bali, Denpasar. Now, I am living in Denpasar Bali, and I love living in Bali. “I don’t know … I love living in Bali didn’t mean I am not proud as Simalungun. I am very proud. My mother from Simalungun too, name Agustina Ramaida Damanik. What a tough mom.!!! She fights to make her child growth alone, but Thank Jesus. You always be with us, when we have no one to depend on.

My sister name Yenti Ristiany Purba (Tity), now living in Jakarta. My little sister name Darty Ramayanti (Yaya), living in Pematang Siantar Medan, Horas inang pandita … hehehe…and my little brother living in Jakarta right now, name, Roby Endrama Purba (Roby).

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